For those of you that know me you know I lost 35 lbs. between April and July in this last year (2016).  Through the holidays I mostly stuck to Keto but wasn’t doing it 100% and allowed myself to veer way off of keto after the holidays and hadn’t gotten back on the keto gains wagon.

Let me tell you…I FEEL IT!  I feel tired again and am craving sugar like you wouldn’t believe…and when I weighed myself and saw I gained 10 lbs. back…Yes I said it, TEN POUNDS!!! I decided that was it and I was going back onto my Ketogenic Lifestyle plan.  There is nothing like the realization that you just sabotaged your weight loss to have a few sweets again.  It was a blow for sure but shows just how important it is that I am kick-starting keto round 2!

The thing is when I was doing Ketogenic eating I literally stopped craving sweets after just a few days.  I always felt full and had more energy when I was doing it.  This is why it blows my mind that I allowed the “holidays” to be an excuse to eat my favorite goodies and indulge in the other foods as well.  It wasn’t even so much that as it was that I chose to NOT do keto on everyday besides Thanksgiving, and Christmas.  Two days wouldn’t have necessarily caused me to gain 10 lbs. back, it was me deciding to not stick to Keto the rest of the days and keep on with my proper diet and nutrition.   I made excuses for myself to indulge when I shouldn’t.

So back to Keto I go and this time I am jump starting it with the 21 day fix workouts as well.  Although I will be tweaking the eating plan to make it Keto so it works for my body as I do not eat a lot of the carbs that they list on her plan.  I will work in my carbs other ways.  I cannot wait to get started and share how I do over the next 21 days.

So far the first workout has killed me and shown me just how out of shape I am, although I partly knew this already, but today really solidified that I am way more out of shape then I thought.  Time to kill it and get things done!


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