My fit journey beginnings — After struggling with 3 herniated discs for years and having constant migraines I decided that something needed to change. My health has not been the best and I came to the conclusion that I needed to change my lifestyle.
I have struggled with my weight since injuring my back in 2003, although about 2005 I had finally gotten the pain under control. It wasn’t until 2009 that things changed for the worse. I was in an abusive relationship and he had come after me and tried to fight him off as best I could, I kicked my leg out to try and push him away when he grabbed it and yanked as hard as he could. I immediately was in excruciating pain and I limped over to the couch. After I screamed in pain he stopped and apologized, but since then I have struggled with back pain and it just would not let up. Years later he got caught in several lies and walked out on my girls and myself, which was God watching over us and protecting us.
I tried losing weight and lost 20 lbs. once but after a trip which involved 3 layovers with 2 kids under 4 and a 12 hour car ride my back flared up again. I could only make whatever was quick and easy which ended up being the unhealthy processed foods. I ended up gaining back all the weight I had worked so hard to lose and then some. I would think to myself, “well I am just meant to be fat”, “what is the point of working so hard to lose it when I just gain it back?”, and figured I should just accept being overweight.
Fast forward to this year when we planned a Disneyland trip with my girls and parents, and while I was excited to take them I was also sad. I knew that I would not be able to go on some of the rides with them due to my herniated discs, which I found out I had three of now. My heart was broken that I would not be able to watch their faces or hear them enjoying the rides or screaming in delight, because in the past even the slightest jolt or tweak would put my back out for days. Even walking too long would cause my back to go out on me sometimes so we were going to rent a wheel chair so that this didn’t happen.
So we flew down there and hung out with our family that live in the area. My Uncle is a Pastor of a church down their and so naturally we went to church the Sunday after we arrived (the Thursday before). He said that if anyone had ever experienced back pain, hip pain, or issues with their legs to follow a man out and over to where the kids were. They had been talking to them and teaching them how to pray for healing and said there is nothing like the faith of a child. I went back of course and when I got there they talked a bit and then had the kids start praying for people based on what their ailment was. My oldest daughter prayed for me and claimed healing of my back in Jesus name.

On Tuesday we arrived at Disneyland and the first ride we got to was Hyperspace Mountain, I did not want to miss this ride with my girls, as this was one of my favorite rides as a child. I talked to my Aunt Debbie about it and how I am not going to question the Lord healing me and am going to have faith that he has healed me. She agreed with me and said another quick prayer for me while we stood in the line, and then I got on.
It did not put my back out or hurt it one bit! We were in shock in a relieved Thank you Lord
kind of way and I ended up going on all the rides that day with them, even Indiana Jones, which almost put my mom’s back out! After coming home and deciding the Lord has blessed me and healed my back I wanted to change my lifestyle and get back into shape.
I started the Jamie Eason Livefit Trainer and am 5 days in now.  Super excited for the changes ahead and this time I took measurements as well as starting pictures to share along with the progress photo’s I will be taking.
Here is to starting my journey to a new me and to actually pushing myself to make time for myself because I am worth it!


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