Sorry this post is coming a little bit later then I was expecting.  I ended up injuring myself on my last workout of Phase 1 Week 2.  I pulled the muscle between my shoulder blade and spine on the right side, so I took a week off to recover so I could jump back in again.  I did not want to risk trying to work out and then putting myself up even longer.  It is all about making a little progress each day.

I can start seeing the changes in the pictures from when I first started to now but I know I still have a long way to go.  Even though my weight is still at 198.5 and I am just starting to see changes in my body, I can see major changes in my measurements!  I added those below and put where I started before to see how much I have lost in inches.  While some may think posting these pictures are “gross” or “nasty” to me this is the start of something beautiful.  By taking these pictures I get to see all the changes in my body as I go on this journey and its a physical representation of where I started to where I am finishing.  I am shedding my old self in order to create a much healthier me and I am dang proud of that!  


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